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Walking Upright

March 29th, 2011

The first few months of this year have proven to be fairly rigorous both professionally and personally. Much of the events taking place, while I would hesitate to call them enjoyable, have left me in a position to begin evaluating the next stage of my career and life.

I made the decision late last year to walk away from the studio I was working at and say goodbye to punching timecards for other people. I additionally decided not to go the freelance route as I had before, but to team up with two talented individuals and officially hang out our studio shingle.

We are officially two months in, and we’re feverishly working on finishing up collateral and other studio needs. Work is slow, but that is to be expected when starting out. Yet despite the fear and uncertainty, I am happy. I feel like I have followed the natural evolution of a designer-working through the studio system, freelancing, a bit of in house work and finally out on my own. All is as it should be.

Only time will tell if our endeavor will be successful, but we are all ready to see where this new road takes us. At least I now have some time to update our project sites while we wait for more work.

It Was the Funniest Thing

January 1st, 2011

You know what they say about best laid plans… sometimes, they go awry. December turned out to not be quite the break I had been hoping for. It’s always funny how life just seems to know when you are planning some type of break and then chooses to mercilessly descend upon it-filling up all the little spaces with “stuff” that just can’t seem to wait.

In my case my vacations seem to come with a near complete collapse of my immune system. It never fails. If I plan to take any type of break from work you can bet that I will be getting a massive cold, a festering flu or some other bohemian malady you wouldn’t wish on your arch enemies’ dog. Suffice it to say, I spend most of my holidays laid out. So, when I spent three of my four weeks with one of the worst flus I’ve ever had, I was not surprised in the least.

It was not a total scrub, thankfully. There were several days of reflection in which I could begin to contemplate the past year, the coming year and my relationship to all that exists around me. Okay, maybe it wasn’t quite that existential, but there were some good moments of thought and silence, and in the end, that’s all I was really looking for.